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The NEW Art of Ventura County is here!

Hello friends, welcome to my new art website.
I have created a simpler site without popups and it is
similar to my Gallery at Carol Marine’s Daily Paintworks.
I will be painting each day as time allows,
so please check back often for more goodies and surprises.

Memories of Painting Past

Recently I was searching through memories of how I fell in love with
art and painting and drawing, and I conjured up several
past experiences I had not thought about in a long time.

I remember that I used to enjoy working on several paint-by-number
projects when I was very young and I tried to think of what they were.
They were commercial kits that contained paint,
brushes and a preprinted canvas to paint on.

I remember a couple of them were a pair of clowns,
Emmett Kelly was his name.

Another one was a detailed battle scene from the Civil War.
I have not determined yet which old painting it was adapted from.

These kits provided small cups of oil paints (Today the kits
appear to include less expensive and faster drying acrylic paint.)

Oil paint has a distinctive smell which is the linseed oil that acts as
the medium to which pigments are added to make up the paint.

I used to love the smell of the oil paint when I was a youngster
working on these paintings;
over the years I had forgotten all about it.

Then a few years ago I decided to take up painting in oils seriously.
I purchased many books, canvases, brushes and paint.

Then something wonderful happened. I opened a tube of oil paint
and smelled it. At that moment I was deluged with memories of
painting with the most wonderful kind of paint in the world,
the beloved oil paints of my youth. I still get a surge of excitement
whenever I mix paint with linseed oil and get to smell it
and experience the joy of great memories.
There will be more posts soon! Thanks for reading.

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