Welcome to
the Art of Ventura County by Robert Lloyd

Using all the vibrant colors of his favorite palettes, Robert's art delights and challenges the senses.
As a lifelong resident of Ventura County, California, Robert has explored this amazing area,
from the cities to the beaches, and to the mountaintops and backcountry.
He has begun a quest to paint the sights and scenes of this beautiful place,
and record corresponding experiences in posts that will accompany the new artwork.
He is also creating artwork inspired by his explorations outside of California.

Travels to Hawaii, Southern Mexico, the United Kingdom and Europe
inspire Robert to paint spectacular landscapes, cityscapes, coastal
views, sunsets, and dramatic oceanic themes.

Take a look at Robert Lloyd’s art collections below
and enjoy with us exciting new views of the world.


Art Collections

Paintings and Drawings by Robert Lloyd.

Ojai Valley


San Buenaventura



Ventura and Beyond

Channel Islands


Los Padres National Forest


Ventura Highway



Colorado Plateau


Fauna & Flora

Ireland, London & Paris

Yucatan, Cancun & Puerto Vallarta